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Contemplations on Emptiness... Contemplations on Form... The Recording Session

Some new piano work set for release in the upcoming months. These pieces, Contemplations on Emptiness and Contemplations of Form, are set to be released as a double album of sorts, each album exploring different dimensions of my playing and, as the titles suggest, different dimensions of sonic contemplation.

(above) the set up for one of the Contemplations on Emptiness. Note the singing bowls, e-bows, and dowels inside the instrument, allowing me to evoke three radically different voices from the piano. The e-bows allow me to create sustained harmonies that I absolutely adore.

(below) finding the perfect spot for the ebow

These pieces offer a sonic sense of balance. One album, Contemplations of Emptiness, spends time in the ether, resting in subtle touches of nothingness, vastness, hollow bellows of the earth and distant marvels of the sky, while in Contemplations of Form I play much more actively with the dimensions of sound, dancing about in multiple geometries, rearranging meta-organizations, treating the piano as an 88 keyed drum of omni tonalities. In Form, there are moments of peak ecstasy and energy, while in Emptiness there are spaces of sweet rest and quietude.

You can have a listen and look at the music via the video below. This is an early edit. We haven't synced the recording to the video yet, so the audio isn't in tip top shape, but I thought some of you might like to hear it. Thanks for listening!

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