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Playing Bach in the Nude

It's been so hot these past couple days. I am writing this naked. When I wake up, I usually play Bach naked. I approach the piano, lay my bare bottom upon the piano bench and begin. This has miraculous effects on your day, such as promoting clairvoyance as well as fostering a emotional buoyancy that can last for hours. My roommate does not know I do this. He goes to work. Nava knows I do this. It is wonderful to hang out in the nude with people you love.

Since it's been so hot, not only am I playing Bach in the nude, but I am sweating while doing so. Working on the Two Part Invention no. 6 as well as the one in Bb. I can't remember the number right now. It's a wonderful thing. I can see the sweat imprint of my ass on the piano bench. If I look at it right, this is beautiful.

Playing Bach is necessary to keep me sane. So much of my musical work is chaotic, cathartic, it's counterpoint being expressed moreso in dynamics and timbre rather than tone. The fluid perfection of Bach's pieces help me to keep a balance in my playing, in my self, and that perfection informs my improvisations.

It's such a wonderful thing, once a piece of Bach's is fully in your body, to be able to play thing without a second thought. It becomes an exquisite expression of sound taking flight effortlessly from one's fingertips. And while naked! A blessed thing indeed.

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