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         My name is Jakob Pek.


I am a musician and artist based in Berkeley, CA.


       My work is improvisational and experimental in nature. The creative process for me is a means of exploration and discovery, a way of interweaving familiar worlds with uncharted domains of abstraction and discovery.

       When I sit down to create, I am in dialogue with the void. We'll talk over coffee. There is no planned course of action. It's a meeting with unknowing.


Im Provisus...

The Unforeseen...

I dedicate my creative time to my own solo musical work as well as musical work with my partner in crime, Nava Dunkelman.


Other than that I am painting, writing or teaching.

I have  been blessed to have studied under the guidance of a number of my creative heroes, the biggest inspirations and influences being W.A. Mathieu, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Roscoe Mitchell, and Pauline Oliveros.




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